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My Game Solutions is an online community that connects players, coaches, and clubs within seconds. Our nationwide database allows players to connect with each other for match play, coaches to make extra money by scheduling lessons, and clubs to maximize revenue by making their open courts available to our members. Within a few clicks, My Game Solutions does the work that previously has taken hours, connecting coaches and players with private or public facilities and allowing everyone to enjoy the sport they love! Download our app available now on the App Store® and on Google Play®.
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Whether you are a player, coach, or club, My Game Solutions will ensure your booking process is as smooth as possible within a few clicks. Opening up your search to multiple facilities saves you hours, as our real-time service connects you to every facility in your neighborhood. Players can improve their game by scheduling a lesson or match play, coaches can maximize their earnings and set their own schedules, and clubs can fill empty courts quickly and maximize revenue by broadening their network.
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Download My Game Solutions from the app store and create a profile today or signup to access our online application. After you have signed up as a player, coach, or club, you will be connected to our extensive database of sports enthusiasts, professional instructors, and facilities. Features such as streamlined booking and listing processes, as well as our adaptable calendar and notifications bring you one step closer to improving your game, career, and business.
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